Quality Policy


The objectives of ASYSOL’s Management are:


  • Build successful alliances and generate new business, providing quality products and services.

  • Retain existing customer base by understanding their business goals, and make sure that when prompted for feedback, they choose to respond positively.

  • Provide valuable services and flexible support to meet agreed service levels whilst guided by industry best practices.

  • Continuously monitor and improve our work practices, processes and procedures through active listening with a customer-centric approach.

  • Retain staff that fits our Person Profile to ensure that the company's culture and integrity are maintained and ensure that a consistent approach to high quality is provided to our customers.

The directors and managers of Antenna Systems Solutions are committed to the implementation of the ASYSOL

Quality Management System (SGC / QMS) for our activities in:


  • Design and Manufacture of System-level Components and Hardware

  • Software Design, Development, Provision, Maintenance and Support

In order to achieve these goals, we have established a QMS to document our process of continuous improvement, including our working method and our personal development. Our QMS will help us meet all the requirements of the Interested Parties, as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements.

We commit all resources to maintain our competitive advantage, and achieve our commitments to quality, cost and planning; we drive continuous improvement and innovation based on efficient business processes, best practices, well-defined measurements and feedback; we achieve and maintain quality standards; we professionally manage projects; we recruit duly qualified people; we offer quality solutions; we train our people thoroughly; we maintain our business culture; we manage customer expectations to develop sustainable relationships.

The QMS will evolve as a result of experience, suggestions, actions derived from audits and results measurement responses. All changes will be controlled by applicable procedures. The QMS will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it continues to represent ASYSOL's best practices and Quality Policies.


                                                                             David Gutiérrez
                                                                                Deputy CEO

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